Why You Should Have A Concise Resume

Your resume acts as a primary bridge between you and a hiring manager. Therefore, you should not underestimate it. To make an excellent first impression, you should have a resume that stands out from the crowd. How would you instead the hiring manager remembers you? Because companies do not have the time to interview every candidate, they need resumes to choose the best ones to serve in their organizations. Click here to learn more about different resume packages.

Rejection happens. It will go on until they find something interesting in a resume. This is the moment when an adequately structured and detailed resume plays the part. So why should you have a concise resume?

Your resume reaches the recruiter before you do

Before you reach a hiring manager’s office, the resume does so. Every company asks for it first to assess your work and establish if it matches their requirements. So, a properly written resume should do half the work for you. That is why it is essential to have a concise one that makes the first impression on you.

To convince the hiring manager that you are the one

Perhaps you think it is easy to convince the recruiter that you are a suitable candidate for the open position. That will be possible if and when you meet the manager. Before then, your resume should convince them that you are the ideal candidate for the job.

To sell your skills to the panel.

A well-written resume allows you to sell the skills you garnered over the years. Through it, you can let the hiring manager know the skills you acquired through various jobs and how you would utilize them to better their organization.

To secure an interview.

Until your relative owns a company where you can join without applying for an open position, you will need a good resume. Crisp, precise, concise- not an e-book or novel. May I reiterate why? The hiring manager has up to 6 seconds to reject or accept your application. They will first look at the Header and Professional Summary. That should sum it up. So, it would be best if you caught their attention by highlighting your strengths in the Profile Summary.

For example,

A detail-oriented accounts professional with 5+ years of experience in financial administration. Proficient in data processing, analysis, and implementation of documentation workflow systems. Has extensive knowledge of MS Excel and bookkeeping and holds a CPA(K).

To brand yourself

You MUST brand yourself in the competitive job search world. Start straight right before your college studies. When you enter the professional world, it is essential that you set a few things right. Showcase your expertise by outlining your achievements in the resume.

I have seen 3 to 8-page resumes when giving free reviews. A good resume should recapitulate your career so flawlessly such that a recruiter does not put in a strenuous effort to screen through the details to comprehend a glimpse of your career. One to one and a half pages should be enough.

Leave room for curiosity by highlighting the relevant experience to the job you are applying for now. What does this mean? That the experience you garnered from your attachment five years ago may be irrelevant to the opening you are hoping to fill. For that reason, you should leave it out.

Final Thoughts

There are several books available on the ideal resume. Some suggest that their approach to resume design should guarantee a candidate an interview.  While a winning resume can get you there, several resume services write resumes for a fee. The best one for you will be the one that is tailored to your job description. A professional writer should be creative enough to understand the hiring manager’s requirements, assess your work history, and articulate it properly.

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