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Meet Omil

Leah Awiti Omil is an accomplished Human Resource Manager, Career Strategist, Author, Talent Acquisition Specialist, and an expert in writing high-impact, optimized, and bespoke resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and business blogs, with over 8 years of experience working with both individuals and organizations from all walks of life, including the likes of Brand and Connect, an affiliate of Omil Staffing Services, where she oversees general operations in Kenya, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. She is also the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Omil Staffing Services, an organization dedicated to connecting jobseekers and companies with great career opportunities and great talent and partners, respectively.

Since founding the company in 2014, Leah has proven herself to be a forward-thinking and visionary HR specialist and business leader who has assisted over 100 candidates to secure interviews and highly rewarding jobs across different industries. She has overseen the evolution and growth of the company into one of the leading brands in the industry. Omil Staffing Services is devoted to aggregating jobs from different platforms and sharing them on their website and social media handles with the hope of helping job seekers to secure positions in different sectors. She also provides job seekers with the best placement tools while supporting their need to land that dream job by increasing their chances of getting noticed by recruiters.

Leah Omil, CEO.

Why Omil?

Having a specialty has made us experts at developing flexible staffing solutions that ensure a smooth and efficient recruitment process. Whether you need temporary staff for immediate openings or are looking to fill a long-term position, our people deliver.

Successful Placements

We have a long list we have secured jobs for in such companies. Because we know what employers and recruiting managers are looking for when hiring, we are your best choice to make your dream happen.

What Others say about Omil

Geoffrey Lang'o Administrator at Geolan Solutions Ltd

Omil is such an effective, nurturing coach. I can’t thank Omil enough for what she did for me. She helped me to successfully execute my interviews and aided me in how to ask the right questions. She taught me what not to do in an interview, how to network in today’s job market, and encouraged me to do my best. She always exhibited such enthusiasm and positive energy during our sessions. Her consultations gave me the confidence to land an amazing job.

Francis Otieno Amonde Founder, Cup Of Uji

Your go-to person when you need a professional CV, and a professional cover letter. She is extremely good at what she does.

Nancy Matu People & Culture Manager at BOMA

We crossed paths with Leah early this year when I was seeking help with my resume and LinkedIn profile and the moment I reached out to her, I realised how warm and friendly she was besides being the so professional. She is so patient and willing to go out of her way to explain how things work so you just don’t accept your redone resume for the sake of it. She is so passionate of her work and will always have your work delivered within the set timeline. I would recommend her anytime.

Andrew Kiserema Communications Specialist

Her services including my CV revamp and that of my Linked Profile blest with 7 interviews within 4 months. I’ve finally landed a new role in my field of passion. Please try her, test her and prove her and I am sure you’re be a very happy client like I am.

Michael S. Senior Training Specialist at ATSI

For over four years I was in a mentorship role and as her manager. During this period Leah’s attention to detail. Knowledge of her task and dedication to our company’s vision was unsurpassed. I would recommend Leah for any position of leadership and wouldn’t hesitate to employ her again. Easily in the top five percent of employees, I’ve had in twenty years.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What services do you offer?

    We offer job application services. They include resume writing, cover letter writing, LinkedIn profile revamp, career coaching, and pre-interview training.

    Why should I trust Omil Staffing Services with my career?

    We are skilled to help you create a personalized plan tailored to meet your goals. We help you follow a thorough assessment of your strengths while guiding you through a series of questions about your unique situation to ensure you understand your current role in the industry or why you would prefer a significantly larger company over a small startup.

    Can I call you?                     

    Due to the large volumes of clients and orders, all communication is on email for easy tracking. However, consultation costs Kshs.1,500 only.  

    Will I be charged to apply for open positions?

    Not at all. You can apply for as many jobs as possible. Free of charge

    How do I remit payment?

    To pay for your package, go to Mpesa, buy goods, enter till number, amount, and confirm for manual payment. For automated payments, go to job application services, select a product, check out of the cart, and pay.

    Do you offer job placement services?

    No, we don’t. We strictly offer job application services. They include- resume writing, cover letter writing, LinkedIn profile revamp, and pre-interview coaching. Our main objective is to inform you on:
    – Writing a winning resume with a cover letter, revamping your LinkedIn Profile,
    – The main skills employers are seeking
    – How to acquire the relevant skills to keep you employable in the job market
    – How to ACE that interview
    – Updating you with information on in-demand as well as available career opportunities in your niche

    Why should my LinkedIn profile be revamped?

    Your presence on LinkedIn is more than just a resume on the internet. It is a powerful tool that defines your brand while getting you seen by employers with a maximum return on effort.

    Can I use the same resume you have revamped to apply for other open positions?

    It is important to tailor your resume to the job you are applying for.

    Can I attend the free weekly webinar?

    Yes, it is free of charge. You can tag your friends along too. 

    Do you have job groups?    

    Yes, we do. You can WhatsApp the admin at 0114847249 to join us.  

    Can I pay in bits?                  

    Full payment is upfront. There are no refunds once payment is made.

    Can I get a discount?               

    All prices are fixed.     

    What does CV Revamp+ Consultation entail?                   

    We discuss what your career needs are to ensure the person we capture on paper is the same person who appears during the interview.

    What does LinkedIn Profile+ Consultation entail?                  

    We discuss what your career ID is, map out your future aspirations and discuss how best to align that on the LinkedIn Profile (40 minutes)     

    What is an ATS Compliant CV?                                            

    An applicant tracking system-or ATS, for short-is a type of software used by recruiters and employers during the hiring process to collect, sort, scan and rank the job applications they receive for their open positions.                        

    What is the difference between ATS and CV Makeover?                                    

    ATS CV is tailored for Computer Software. CV Makeover is tailored for recruiter or hiring manager.

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