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When we opened our door for business, we found that companies across the region were frustrated and disillusioned with recruitment agencies that constantly promised to find quality hires and never delivered.

As recruiters ourselves, we were puzzled by this. There was evidently not a shortage of quality talent in Kenya – quite the reverse. We are usually pleasantly surprised when sourcing – finding better talent than we ourselves thought was possible.

Why Choose Omil Staffing Services?

Having a specialty has made us experts at developing flexible staffing solutions that ensure a smooth and efficient recruitment process.
Whether you need temporary staff for immediate openings or are looking to fill a long-term position, our people deliver.

Our Promise

In essence, you get to see your return on investment when working with us. Our team is versatile and ready to adapt to the ever-changing needs of the market.

Reason – We are most satisfied when we have the right match between Employer and Candidates as they are both our crystals and that is our success.

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Our CV Revamping Services

CV writing is a process that requires excellent skills. You may qualify for a particular position. However, without a good CV presentation, every opportunity may pass you.

If your CV isn’t giving you interviews, it’s time to land your next position by getting professional CV writing services. Before getting started, ask yourself the following questions.

Questions to Ask Yourself

  • Have you applied for positions you qualify for, but no one has invited you for an interview?
  • Do you want to stand out from a profession that has many qualified candidates?
  • Are you considering changing your career and want your new CV to highlight this?
  • Have you identified jobs that suit your professionalism, and you would like to submit your application and get interview invitations?
  • Do you need a modern CV with the best layout, format, and information recruiting managers and employers look for when shortlisting?
  • Are you looking for a new job because you are feeling stuck in your current position?
  • Have you been applying for jobs with a CV you created many years ago and haven’t updated it?

If your answer is yes, you need our professional CV writing skills. Our team commits itself to highlight its client’s exceptional skills, expertise, and qualifications.

Every serious professional knows that having a great CV makes one stand out during job applications. Therefore, striving to get the best CV writing services should be your top priority.

However, not every CV writer will offer you excellent writing. It’s your responsibility to choose outstanding, experienced, and reputable personnel. Because you are dealing with money, it’s crucial to find a certified team to solve all your CV troubles.

Fortunately for you, our team is always waiting to hear about your CV problems. We are Kenya’s leading HR firm recruiting for top companies and enterprises.

Not Securing an Interview? Register Your Resume with Us

Registering your resume with a recruitment agency can be daunting. You should remember that everyone at that agency is just a person and has been where you are. Our team at Omil Staffing Services has been through the registration process with various agencies before. It, therefore, understands how nerve-racking securing an interview can be.

Initial Stages

We get introduced to each other through us receiving your resume. When recruiting for the type of work you have the experience, we shall contact you for a pre-interview. This should be over a short call to garner more details about you based on the details provided on your resume.


Our team formally registers every candidate we represent. This is done face to face or online via ZOOM. Our registration is a mini-interview. It would be best if you approached it prepared. You should also know the types of jobs you are seeking, coupled with the salary expectations and the town you would instead be based in. A non-refundable fee of Ksh. 3,500 applies here. 

Tips for preparation

  • Be prepared- know exactly what you are looking for and master your cv back to front. The first impression with us counts. Come to the office wearing what you would for an interview. 
  • Be keen- this is your chance to impress us. We are your biggest ally when job seeking. If you are optimistic about working with our team, then we are likely to feel the same about working with you. Go ahead and sell yourself to us. 
  • Be honest- as you sell yourself to our panel of interviewers, be honest about your experience. Do not oversell yourself. Avoid stretching the truth. To represent you while assisting you to get that job offer, we need to know the real you.
  • Be realistic- our clients are looking for people with experience in the roles we are recruiting for. When thinking about that next career move, research should guide you on salary expectations.

Moving Forward — The Waiting Period

It may take a while to get that ideal position. Ensure you keep us up to date if you happen to change your contact details or resume details. 

In case you do not succeed at first………

We understand that it can be devastating if you fail to get a job offer immediately. The next interview you will attend might have what is suited for you.

What we add to that search

Having us rooting for you makes your job search easier. We shall coordinate everything and help you prepare for that interview. We also make sure that you are in touch with the hiring company and give you as much support as you may need. 

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We Revamp LinkedIn Profiles – Get Discovered!

Your presence on LinkedIn is more than just a resume on the internet. It is a powerful tool that defines your brand while getting you seen by employers with a maximum return on effort.

We can help you

  • Build your brand as a job seeker
  • Optimize your LinkedIn profile for top recruiting firms
  • Attract recruiters and human resources managers
  • Expand your network
  • Expect several interviews coupled with job offers with a revamped LinkedIn profile. 

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Complete Article Writing Training- Become a NINJA Writer @Ksh.3000




What you will learn 

  1. Why we write articles
  2. Basics of grammar and punctuation
  3. The 3 parts of an article
  4. Top writing tips for beginners
  5. Content planning
  6. Proper punctuation
  7. How to become a native content writer
  8. How to create titles for your texts
  9. Basics of blogging, general business writing,
  10. How to earn from writing
  11. How to get clients after training

We have a long list we have secured jobs for in such companies. Because we know what employers and recruiting managers are looking for when hiring, we are your best choice to make your dream happen. GET IN TOUCH with us today and see the difference we will bring to your career!

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Founded in 2014, Omil Staffing Services works with clients to design their organizational structures, roles, and responsibilities. Our management helps hire the right people and give them insight on how to reward and motivate their workforce.

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