Executive Assistant

Executive Assistant
· Balancing internal and external scheduling demands and requests while maintaining a focus on and alignment to strategic goals and priorities.
· Managing a schedule that is sustainable in pace and scope, often shifts, and takes into account unforeseen obligations and variables.
· Arrange complex and detailed travel plans, determining travel needs for all upcoming trips, and arranging flight and accommodation bookings as well as on the ground logistics within parameters for cost and convenience.
· Provide administrative support by arranging meetings with internal and external stakeholders, monitoring plans, and keeping on top of scheduling logistical priorities.
· Anticipating and responding to the CEO’s needs relative to upcoming meetings and events; coordinating and managing appropriate resources; and ensuring follow up is completed for each and every meeting.
· Diligently managing, tracking, and prioritizing the CEO’s email; drafting, writing, editing, and proofing emails and correspondences–managing the flow of the CEO’s inbox. Lead on reactive and proactive email communications.
· Participating in and preparing the CEO for development meetings; coordinating and communicating with Advancement team members; tracking and capturing all of the CEO’s fundraising activities in Salesforce.
· Ensuring the CEO is prepped for every meeting, with appropriate briefing materials, including slides when needed.
· Contributing your problem-solving skills and ideas to find smart ways to move projects forward and build sustainable systems for internal communication and coordination.
We’re looking for someone who is:
· 8 years minimum experience as the Executive Assistant to a Senior Executive
· Proven experience and past success supporting a fast-paced executive.
· Proactive communicator and ability to take initiative.
· Cross cultural interest, and fluency in working with people from different backgrounds.
· Strong project management and analytical skills; a demonstrated ability to take primary responsibility for projects and complete them in a timely manner with limited supervision.
· The ability to assert influence in ensuring deadlines are met, and leadership stays on track to critical deliverables or timelines.
· Ability to handle multiple deadlines and complete assignments with minimal supervision in a fast-paced workplace.
· Impeccable organization; you are highly detail-oriented, and someone who gets a sense of satisfaction from producing polished work and managing smooth processes.
· You practice discretion and can maintain confidentiality.
To apply, submit your resume and cover letter to: Shofcojobs@shininghopeforcommunities.org with subject line “Executive Assistant to the CEO”. Individuals who submit early will be given priority.

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