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Zizi Afrique Foundation is a not for profit company registered in Kenya and committed to
improving learning outcomes for children and youth furthest behind. We work to ensure children
are well equipped with the foundational skills for learning, and youth well equipped with skills for
living and working.
Zizi Afrique consolidates evidence, innovates solutions through collaborative networking, and
shapes policy and practice to equip all children and youth with competences for life and work. On
early years’ education, Zizi Afrique is implementing the Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) in
Bungoma, Turkana and Tana River Counties, to equip children with the competencies to read with
understanding and reason with numbers. Working with the youth, Zizi Afrique has partnered with
Technical and Vocational Education institutions to embed Whole Youth Development during
training and conduct research on assessment of values and life skills in East Africa.
At policy levels, Zizi is the hub for the Regional Educational Learning Initiative (RELI), a consortium
of civil society organizations working to improve learning outcomes in East Africa. We have also
partnered with the Ministry of Education on research areas such as parental engagement and
remote learning. We view technology as a critical component in furthering the impact of our work.
Purpose of the Consultancy
Zizi Afrique is implementing the Accelerated Learning Program in Turkana, Bungoma and Tana
River counties whose aim is to equip learners lagging behind with the competencies to ‘read with
understanding’ and ‘reason with numbers’. To date, the program has benefitted over 6,800
In order to sustain the learning gains and to encourage a culture of learning while at home, the
ALP has rolled out a community-based digital learning component in Bungoma County, whereby,
devices loaded with content are given to households and children encouraged to learn in groups.
The initiative is in 40 school communities and targets 1,250 primary school children.
To establish the impact of this initiative and to document lessons, Zizi wishes to onboard
a consultant to steer the research component. The identified consultant will work with Zizi Afrique
and the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) throughout the engagement.

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Scope of the Assignment
The identified consultant will work with the Zizi Afrique and KICD in Bungoma South sub Countyand is expected to:

i. Conduct literature review and document lessons from similar initiatives and share
with the program team;
ii. Refine the research agenda and develop a research design for this digital
component, informed by findings from the literature review process;
iii. iii. Review the Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning and Sharing (MELS) plan to reflect
the insights from the literature review process;
iv. Develop and organize for piloting of data collection tools;
v. Collect data, document and report on progress, findings and lessons learnt
throughout the pilot phase.
The following are the expected outputs:
i. A synthesis of findings (report) from literature review documenting lessons and
insights relevant to the organizing, roll out, monitoring and reporting for digital
ii. A finalized research plan, outlining the design and learning agenda for the project.
iii. Monitoring and data collection tools.
iv. A dataset for all data collected throughout the period (in excel, SPSS or Stata)
v. End of pilot report detailing the findings and insights gained out of this project.
vi. Policy brief on how such an initiative can be rolled out at scale.
Duration of the assignment
This engagement will be for an initial 6 months with possibilities of extension, subject to
availability of funding.
Input from Zizi Afrique
To execute the tasks, Zizi Afrique will provide:
i. Documents to enrich the consultants understanding of the program.
ii. Financial resources to execute tasks associated with this assignment.
iii. Linkages with county-based partner to ease coordination







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