7 Tips to Get you A Job Through A Staffing Agency

Looking for a job is quite an uphill task, and it does not get any easier as time goes by. Sometimes you may feel as though you are just moving in circles but getting nowhere. Deciding on a different approach can tremendously boost your confidence and hopefully get you to a place you were searching for.

Working with a staffing agency can be your best choice when selling yourself to recruiters is entirely stressful. Staffing Agencies regularly search for work rather than you having to do it on your own. They can secure a job for you faster than expected.

Follow these 7 tips to guide you through working with a Staffing Agency.

  1. Be open about your needs.

Honesty is key when it comes to securing a job with a staffing agency. If your goal is securing a permanent job in your specialization or show skills that could be quite attractive to employers. Be open about your work history. Always tell your recruiters of an employment gap, and the staffing agency can help you explain this to your employer.

2. Have Patience and Persistence

You applied for a job using a Staffing Agency, but there is no feedback yet? You can try and check with them after a week.  Maybe the sills required did not match yours; thus, they are trying to find something else for you. Try and do weekly follow-ups to show your interest and eagerness.

3. Treat Staffing Agency interviews with professionalism.

To understand you better, staffing agencies will set up an interview. Treat this interview the same way you would treat an interview with any company. Dress well, be punctual, maintain acceptable body language and posture. Listen carefully, and always remember to bring your latest curriculum vitae. Remember to introduce yourself well and be prepared to complete skills assessment tests when tasked.

4. Have an Open Mind

Be open to temporary positions as much as your goal is to secure a full-time position. These opportunities help you develop skills that can be useful in applying for your next permanent job. If you impress your employer in a temporary job, then they can consider you for the temporary position.

5. Follow Up

Always show gratitude to your staffing agency by sending emails or handwritten notes for their devoted effort to help you secure a job.

6. Prepare when you get the position.

When you get an assignment, your staffing agency will inform you of who you will report to. There will be more details like your salary, dress code, duties, hours, and work duration. You may also do a second interview with the company if need be. In case you do not get all this information, then you can ask the agency for it.

7. You are allowed to say No.

If you feel like the position does not fit you, or the working hours or the pay is relatively low, you need to be honest with your employer. Explain why the position is not right for you, and your agency will try and find something better for you.

Bottom Line

You can always use other platforms to broaden your job searches, such as social media and other networking. As you wait to hear from your agency, you can search for other opportunities on your own. However, be sure to inform your agency of your applications to save you from disqualification.

Happy job hunting!

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